Amy Diggins


Amy Diggins, a professional medium based in Massachusetts, is a proud mother of two young children. Amy was compelled to create “Mrs. Katz, What Happens When We Die?” due to questions her own children had about death, as well as the many children she has met through her work. Amy envisioned a story which examined the nature of loss and encouraged children to recognize the change in energy surrounding them. Feeling that death is often an uncomfortable and difficult situation to address, Amy has produced a story which she feels eases the burden of the topic and comforts the heart.

Noël Dombroski


Noël Dombroski is a MA native and a proud graduate of the USC School for Cinematic Arts. In Los Angeles her artistic eye and talent has brought her consistent work in production design and directing on films and music videos, photography, marketing, web design, and visual art. She has been working closely with Amy over the past year to bring her story and characters to life on the page, and is proud to have been a part of making this important work happen.